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This ager ia applicable for the steaming and color fixation process for the knitting and machine knitting textiles of cotton,slik and chemical fiber which are printhed,especially for the digital printing and small batch design drawing:

Technical Paremeters

Mechanical breadth :1600mm-3200

Mechanical speed:0.1-10m/min

Cloth quantity:40m(optional 20m,40m,60m)

Cycle length:800mm-1400mm(step leaa and adjustable)

Steaming time :5min-20min

Steaming temperature:102 degress

Steam consumption:80-100kg/h

Installed power:7.15Kw


Cloth feeding and outlet farme:it is manufacture by Q235A steel sheet folded edges,including feeding tube,cloth tensioning device,cloth guiding roller,and transmission device,etc.Single cloth feeding;

Box :it is processed by SUS304 stainless steel,water-drop proof devices are equipped at the cloth feeding and outlet and cover part;

Criculation device:criculation fan,blade,wind shell deflector,and heat radiator;it can ensure the evennes of temperature inside the steam box;

Cloth hanging roller;it is speically processed by stainless steel ,It can automatically rotate;

Cloth outlet control device:it is compaosed of cloth detecting rod,bracket base,and proximity switch to ensure enenness of cloth in steam box;

Automatic wetting device:consisits of pump,nozzle,piping etc,to ensure the humidity required inside the steam box.

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