BJ04 Belt digital printer

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BJ04 Belt digital printer

Four epson 5113 printhead
Top speed of 90 square meters/hour,suitable for avariety of small batch production,machine width:1850mm*2650mm*3450mm,Material feeding,feeding,printing,drying andwinding integrated into an organic whole,convenient adn quick.
Professional conduction band transmission system is equipped with guide with automatic cleaning,drying,automatic correction system,to guarantee the continuous printing process sprocket surface clean and printing precision small equipment,covers an area of less,responsive,cost-effective,suitable for small and medium-sized factories

support for multiple ink technology suitable for a variety of fabrics
1,reactive ink,suitable for printing;cotton, linen,hemp,silk,wool fabrics
2,disperse ink,suitable for printing;chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester
3,pigment ink:most of the fabrics are abailable

The machine model


Print heads

Epson 5113 head

Suitable for the Fabric thickness

2-30mm range is adjustable

The largest printing width


Types of ink

Reactive /disperse /coating

The ink color


The print speed

Production mode 90m2/hour


The whole machine 8kw or less

Image type

JPEG/TIFF,BMP file format and RGB/CMYK color mode

Transfer medium

Belt continuous stransport,automatic fabric feeding and takeing-up

RIP software

Montana software

The power supply

220vac plus or minus 10%,two phase three wire

The compressed air

Gas flow after acuity:0.3m3/min,air pressure 6kg

The work environment

Temperature 20-300C,humidity 60-80%

Overall dimensions


The weight


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